VetConnect: Job Submission Process

Below you will find the steps needed to post a job submission through the Union League's Veterans Initiative

1. Have prepared job description, this can include:
- Title of position
- Description of position
- Duties and responsibilities
- Status
- Full time, part time or internship
- Key requirements
- Minimum education, typing proficiency, minimum years of experience, etc.
- Professional certifications if required
- Salary pay scale
- Geographical location
- Directions to your organization's job website (if applicable)


1. Provide your organization's Human Resources information, this can include:
- Point of contact
- E-mail address
- Phone number (It is important to have this information for our records. Qualified veterans will be instructed to contact the hiring organization directly. The Union League will not be accepting calls from veterans concerning job submissions and will not be involved in the hiring process.)

2. Send information to or call 215-851-8792

3. The information will then be submitted to our Veteran Initiative Partners
- Job description information will be available for veterans
- Approximately 60 Veterans Initiative Partners are participating

4. Veterans can then apply for the job opening working directly with the hiring agency within the organization.